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As long time residents of Florida and upstate New York, with experience in land development and real estate properties we decided to search for a place to semi-retire.  We would plan to keep our waterfront home in Florida and be part time residents until we felt “at home” somewhere else.  We decided it was time to live a quality of life which offered us time to relax in a beautiful environment, enjoy the recreational activities of the area, and meet new friends with similar interests.  Although beautiful, Florida did not provide the quality of life we wanted.  With too much turmoil, hustle and bustle and daily rushing....With many years of hot, humid summers, hurricanes and the threat of hurricanes, high taxes and insurances, heavy traffic and crowds, the daily news of drugs and crime, we agreed to begin a search for our “perfect place” to live.


After months and months of research and visits to areas which include, SC, TN, GA, KY and North Carolina, we found NC was a state which met our “wants” for climate recreational activities and overwhelming beauty.   We began our serious search for our place to live.  We first began looking at lots in which to build our dream home.  We also thought we would buy another lot or home as an investment.  After meeting with dozens of realtors and looking at so many lots we cold not find what we were looking for.  Some developments were high atop mountains and the scare of the drive and the expense of building on this type of lot was not going to work out for us.  Other lots were so deep in the forest and away from conveniences of town, some required a large 4 wheel vehicle to cross a stream to get into.  Eventually, we found a few great lots we liked only to find that conventional septic systems were not allowed and/or water was not available.  Hidden expenses made the lots unaffordable and unattractive for us.  Some of the other lots in areas had no restrictions to protect the value of the properties, trailers, abandoned vehicles and/or livestock was allowed or overlooked. This was certainly NOT the type of land we wanted or felt would appreciate in value.    

Many more months passed and finally our search was then narrowed to the Hiawassee/Hayesville area.  The mountains and Lake Chatuge were breathtaking.  The people were friendly and we felt “at home” in this area.  We looked at lot after lot in so many developments.  We then decided we should look at homes already in established developments.  After months, we eventually found a home that would do.  Although the home was not exactly what we had been dreaming of we felt that with at least the septic in place, completed utilities and a well we would save a lot of expense and worry.  While negotiating on the home we still did not have that “excited” feeling and our realtor mentioned he had a client who, due to poor health, had to sell a considerable amount of land.  Although we had not discussed or considered doing another development we made a special trip to visit the land.

Right upon our first visit, we fell in love with this incredible land and it was in the perfect area for us!   The land offered great views of the mountains and Lake Chatuge.  We began to walk the property and it was incredible – all 64 acres of it.  We were actually able to walk all of it.  This land was not like the other properties we looked at.  We previously considered 2 acre lots with < .1 acre “walkable” due to steepness, etc.  The other 1.9 acres were not useable, down a cliff or in the water. 

These beautiful 64 acres were also close to the neatest little town of Hayesville, only 2 miles away. We visited the town and met friendly people, enjoyed old fashioned ice cream and visited with the local butcher shop.  We then called the friends we knew from Hiawassee to show them our new “find” of beautiful land.  Everyone agreed this was it!  We had to have it and began our process to buy it.  After showing our interest we found the seller wanting more than he had discussed with the realtor and he decided he “really didn’t care to sell it” anymore.  We negotiated and negotiated and after a month of sleepless nights we finally agreed to terms and were the proud owners of this incredible land. 

We decided to build our home here and were so excited as we did not have to give up our love for the water and boating, a boat ramp was nearby, shopping was down the street, town was minutes away.  There are so many activities nearby that we love.  We also could continue our love for golfing as golf courses are right down the road.  Our love for theatre could also be met in Hayesville.  Being so near town and the Lake and friendly people was, we thought, incredible!  Our new land met all our needs and we were very excited to begin our new lives as residents of Hayesville, North Carolina. 

Now with the purchase of this great property we came out of semi-retirement and jumped back into the development process.  We had previous experience with one development in California and one in Missouri.  We were excited to begin and felt that this land deserved to be treated with respect and make sure it was carefully developed to enhance its beauty.  We decided on Lakeview Heights as an appropriate name. 

With all the lessons learned in looking at so many other developments and land, we undertook the project with enthusiasm and care.  The lots were professionally surveyed by the premier survey company for the area to ensure the land was naturally split to take advantage of the spectacular views and homesites.  The surveyor commented on how beautiful the land was and it layed perfectly so homesites would be "easy build" sites.  These sites would NOT require the $75,000 for a foundation as other homesites required in other developments.  Lakeview Heights has very gentle terrain making building very affordable.

We have learned that a very critical problem is EPA and water/land pollution in some areas.  Rules are ever changing and using conventional septic systems is getting more difficult in the mountains.  Many lots require extremely expensive engineered septic systems that cost more than $25,000 to be installed and they also must be professionally maintained each year.  Recognizing this and wanting to do what is best for the environment we made the decision to install a sewer system that would not be subject to changing rules.  In other developments, many lots that passed a septic approval last year are not passing now that lot owners want to build their home.  It is very possible that lot owners from other developments had purchased their land with septic approvals only to find that upon a current inspection that same septic system no longer passes.  This could make that lot $20-30,000 less in value.  Not to mention the frustration of it all.  We are happy to offer sewer for your home site in Lakeview Heights.

We have cut in roads, and after the required time to wait, we plan to finish wide paved roads making your drive to your homesite a pleasure.  Sewer approvals are completed and we have built a double rock entry.  We are ready for Spring planting of beautiful Japanese Maples and other landscaping lining the entryway making Lakeview Heights beautiful for all of our future friends and new neighbors.  We are proud of what we have accomplished and hope you will come and be a part of our beautiful development.

We now have our Florida home on the market as we have finally found our new place in Lakeview Heights to call home….and we love it.

We look forward to meeting with you,

Marilyn and Richard Johnson





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